Freyr Battery plans to invest billions in a factory near Atlanta.

A Battery Company CEO on the ‘Massive’ Effect of the Inflation Reduction Act

Author: Derek Harrison


A Norwegian battery company has been working since 2022 to open a supersize factory outside of Atlanta that will bring more than 700 jobs to the region.

Freyr Battery is developing a manufacturing process for lithium-ion batteries that it says will be less expensive and have less waste than the processes many competitors use. The batteries would be available for stationary energy storage and for use in large electric vehicles such as buses.

The Georgia plant is one of the many projects whose existence is at least in part due to the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), President Joe Biden’s 2022 climate law.

The IRA provides support based on the capacity of batteries produced, making it a significant factor in attracting investment and creating jobs. The CEO of Freyr Battery, Birger Steen, discusses the company’s goals and challenges, including the importance of automation in their manufacturing process and the significance of the IRA in the United States.

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