Climate change isn’t all your fault. But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do about it.

By Ricky Lanusse

The article argues that while governments, industries, and corporations must change their practices to combat climate change, individuals and households also bear responsibility for their excessive consumption and carbon emissions. The author shares their own realization of the impact of their plastic bottle consumption and highlights the role of consumerism as a fundamental issue. The article also reveals the disparity in carbon emissions between the wealthiest and poorest individuals and the false promise of green consumption. The author concludes that individuals must cut back on excessive and unnecessary purchases and question economic ideologies to address climate concerns.

Sources: The Guardian / The Carbon Majors Database

But in this analysis, we forget about us: the households and individuals who are consumers of what these corporations sell and vote in these governments. We ignore us, the people whose excessive consumption of Gatorades, wardrobes, phones, and cars is wasting unnecessary sources while compounding silent harm and whose lifestyles need a change. Consumerism as a fundamental issue is overlooked.

Everything needs to change, and everything must change.
And this change starts with us, in our very homes.

Abe Mazliach

I am passionate about Justice and Freedom for all people.


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