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Brian Kahn

March 10, 2023

Heat pumps have become the tech of choice to keep homes warm – but what are they and how do they work?

1. Heat pumps are becoming the tech of choice to keep homes warm.:
– Heat pumps both heat and cool your home depending on the season, using electricity instead of methane gas.
– Heat pumps work by moving heat from one place to another, similar to how air conditioners work.

2. Heat pumps are more efficient and safer than gas furnaces.:
– Heat pumps are 300% more efficient than gas furnaces and can save households up to $557 a year on energy bills.
– Replacing gas furnaces with heat pumps could cut carbon emissions by up to 53%.

3. Heat pumps can work in cold weather with improved efficiency.:
– Air source heat pumps have become more efficient at capturing heat even in sub-zero temperatures.
– Real-world tests show that heat pumps can operate in harsh winter conditions.

4. Heat pump installation costs vary depending on factors like house size and climate.:
– Installing a heat pump can be a four- or five-figure investment, with air source heat pumps generally being cheaper.
– Ground source heat pumps may be more cost-effective in the long run due to efficiency gains.

5. Incentives are available to help make heat pumps more affordable.:
– In the US, tax credits cover a portion of the cost of installing a heat pump, with additional benefits for low-income households.
– Many states offer rebates for heat pump installations.
– The UK government offers up to £6,000 to cover heat pump installations.
– Some Australian states and the federal government provide incentives for heat pump hot water heaters.

6. Challenges in widespread heat pump adoption include apartment dwellers, electrical panel updates, and refrigerant choices.:
– Certain companies are working on window heat pumps to provide options for apartment dwellers.
– Homeowners may need to update their electrical panels when installing a heat pump.
– New forms of heat-pump refrigerants that are low-impact are being developed.

7. Future developments include multifunction heat pumps and improved refrigerants.:
– A multifunction heat pump is being developed for space and hot water heating.
– Efforts are being made to find better refrigerant options to replace high-global warming potential refrigerants.

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