Climate Scientists Emphasize Urgency of Climate Crisis and Call for Immediate Action

Escalating rhetoric comes as new study shows there’s just six years left to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius at current CO2 emissions rate.

The Washington Post

October 30, 2023


  • Climate Scientists Speaking Out:
    • Climate scientists, who were once hesitant to enter the public fray, are now using strident language to describe the warming planet.
    • References to ‘climate emergency’ and ‘climate crisis’ are increasingly being used in academic literature and media communications.
  • Shrinking Carbon Budget:
    • Scientists have released a paper showing that the world’s ‘carbon budget’ has shrunk by a third.
    • The world only has 6 years left at current emissions levels before surpassing the 1.5 degree Celsius temperature limit.
  • Climate Scientists’ Change in Communication:
    • In the past, scientists were hesitant to communicate the policy implications of their work, fearing it would compromise their scientific neutrality.
    • However, the urgency of the climate crisis has led to a shift in communication strategies.
  • Rising Impacts of Climate Change:
    • The impacts of climate change are becoming more noticeable and in-your-face, leading to the use of terms like ‘climate emergency‘.
    • While there is still debate about the acceleration of warming, the impacts are undeniable.
  • Challenges in Overcoming Fossil Fuel Inertia:
    • Clear communication alone is not enough to overcome the inertia of a fossil-fuel based system and the resistance from oil and gas companies.
    • Despite clear communication from scientists, the necessary actions haven’t been taken.
  • The Need for Urgent Action:
    • The trajectory of CO2 emissions and the urgency of the climate crisis demand immediate action.
    • Scientists believe that urgent action is necessary to avoid the most severe consequences of climate change.

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